Rodríguez Rossi & Ricciuto Lawyers

Civil Law

Within the field of civil law the Law Firm is focused in the following areas:
family and inheritance; contracts; and, civil liability.

In issues of civil law, the Law Firm provides the best specialized advice concerning matters of Family and Inheritance, understanding the importance of actions and proceedings when they have strong social significance, which requires a superb professional approach combined with personal experience.

In matters of Family Law, we work on matters of marital conflict, covering both its personal and asset distribution aspects, child custody issues, systems of protection and adoption proceedings, among others.

In relation to Inheritance, we offer the following services: setting in motion inheritance proceedings, registration of inheritance statements and wills, partition agreements, drafting wills and general family issues.

Just as with corporate matters, the Law Firm provides specialized advice when drafting Civil Contracts, also offering our customers the option to act on their behalf in negotiations and to write documents, then overseeing enforcement and maintenance of the contract for its duration, thus executing any pertinent extrajudicial claims and initiating any proceedings that may be required.

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