Rodríguez Rossi & Ricciuto Lawyers

Administrative Law

Within the field of Administrative Law the Firm is focused in the following areas:

  • administrative contracts;
  • selection proceedings;
  • public employment;
  • administrative proceedings within the sphere of the municipal, provincial or national governments;
  • administrative bankruptcy process at the provincial and federal level; and,
  • the State’s liability;

Rodriguez Rossi & Ricciuto provides specialized advice on issues related to administrative contracts, drafting offers to be presented before municipal, provincial and/or national bodies, optionally offering to act directly on your behalf, starting with the presentation of material up to the point when the contract is awarded, and then focusing on contract enforcement and maintenance.

We have extraordinary experience in bankruptcy matters, from introducing submissions seeking annulments of illegitimate administrative to any other sentence claims provided by in the rules of procedure, such as regaining or recognizing protected rights or interests, declarations of certainty for a given judicial relationship or situation governed by the administrative laws, dismissal of de facto proceedings or legal protection due to default, among others.

Regarding state liability, the Law Firm provides advice to Customers whose rights may have been violated due to actions by the municipal, provincial or national governments, using an interdisciplinary approach to address any damages and losses arising from lawful and unlawful state activities in any of its areas.

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