Rodríguez Rossi & Ricciuto Lawyers

Mercantile Law

The members at the Law Firm are highly skilled individuals offering comprehensive advice in corporate matters on all those issues with legal implications that may involve the Company, with extensive knowledge in the following areas:

1.- In the context of Corporate Law the Law Firm offers advice on issues related to corporate conflict, in the extrajudicial and negotiating stage as well as in the judicial stage, looking after the interests of majority and minority stockholders. In addition, the firm continues to oversee the various issues related to incorporation, buying & selling and operation of civil and commercial corporations, highlighting among them:

  • incorporation of national companies, actively participating in the writing of bylaws, shareholder minutes, board of director minutes and opinions, thus carrying out all the necessary tasks to comply with and submit the required paperwork to the Corporate Records Office and other control Agencies;
  • Revision of bylaws;
  • writing Stock Syndication Agreements and Stockholder Agreements;
  • mergers, spin-offs and liquidations;
  • company acquisitions, due diligence, participating in the orchestration of stock purchase-sale operations on the part of national or foreign investors;
  • transferring Mercantile Funds;
  • assisting the Board of Directors, General Accounting Office (Sindicatura), Supervisory Body and Auditing Committee;
  • advising and representing shareholders in Shareholder Meetings;
  • advising and representing corporations before administrative authorities; and,
  • Foreign Corporations, registration and enrollment, complying with administrative resolutions, participation in national corporations, incorporation and enrollment of Subsidiaries and Branches in the Country.

Considering the above descriptions, the Law Firm offers a novel service for Family-Owned Companies. This service turns out to be key in order to bring tranquility and security for economic actors that, often times, lack proper legal protection, offering a comprehensive approach to the problems these organizations face.

2.- Also, the Law Firm specializes in matters of Commercial Contracts, among which we can highlight:

  • writing and negotiating company agreements (Transitory Joint Ventures, Business Cooperation Agreements , Consortium Agreements and Joint Ventures; and,
  • writing contracts deriving from our Customer’s commercial activity and following up on them, when it requires approval by the control authority.

In addition, we offer the possibility to represent our Customers directly during negotiations and for drafting business contracts they want to enter into; we also take care of enforcing and maintaining them, if required, during their lifetime, which allows us to act quickly and efficiently should any breaches occur (by instigating any extrajudicial and/or judicial claims that may arise).

3.- In matters of Bankruptcy Proceedings, the Law Firm offers our customers comprehensive assistance when drafting preventative extrajudicial Agreements, planning a bankruptcy strategy, structuring credit authentications, contesting and reviewing, structuring and negotiating settlement agreements, with a continuation of the company and on any assistance required with the Sindicaturas (General Accounting Offices).

4.- The above points are only a simplified list of the most common practice areas that are resorted to when conducting regular business activity. Fields such as Fair Trade and Consumer Rights are also part of our specialization areas in extrajudicial, judicial and administrative claims before the proper control bodies.

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