Rodríguez Rossi & Ricciuto Lawyers

More than five decades have now passed since the Law Firm was founded. Important testimony and documents of different sorts coincide in highlighting its founder’s personality, Dr. Ernesto Juan Jose Rodriguez Rossi, whose work left an indelible mark in our institution’s history.
In his long and extensive career he worked as:

  • Assistant Lawyer to the Archbishopric of La Plata.
  • President of Banco Popular de La Plata.
  • Legal Production Award C.A.L.P. (year 1963).
  • Full Professor for Civil Proceedings and Mercantile Law (Universidad Católica de La Plata).
  • Cofounder of the Publishing Company “Alfa”.
  • Literary author: “Voyage Notebooks”, “Brief History of Ana’s Daughter” and “Shadow and Contour”, among others.
  • Author of legal works, including: “Appeals to the Supreme Court”, “The Resources of the Buenos Aires Province”, “The Thing Judged in Argentinean Law” and “The Supreme Court and The Extraordinary and Ordinary Resources”.


Our Law Firm’s mission is to advise and respond to the current needs of each Customer, proposing an interdisciplinary approach by working together with specialized firms in disciplines like Economics, Economic Sciences, Technology and Marketing.

We prefer a customized approach and we guarantee excellent legal advice that will form the basis for a long-lasting relationship.

The team at Rodriguez Rossi & Ricciuto has an outstanding academic background as well as strong ethical principals arising from the solid and comprehensive human formation of our members.

All this makes Suitability, Loyalty and Honesty the values that guide us at all times when our services are requested.

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